past exhibition | Rae Hicks: Fast Dream | 20 March - 18 April 2015
Rae Hicks: Fast Dream "This is a title based upon a prognosis for working during the next few months. Many things can happen, but one thing I'm tired of is 'thema'.

I'm trying harder to listen to ideas that suggest themselves in an instant, and using only the succession in which they emerge as a means by which to include them in a grouping.

This shouldn't mean thin works, or caveman action painting. It shouldn't necessarily imply any speed or lack

of in the making of the works, nothing necessarily frantic or with aspirations to the primitive. In fact it's a way to try and access the texture, richness and wholeness of a first impression of admiration.

Finally, I wonder if there will be anything telling in the arrangement of these paintings, if I don't pre-contrive a reason for things to be in a group. The arrangement of paintings might not have any profundity at all, but that itself may be a necessary thing to jettison. A step away from mystification".

Rae Hicks is a graduate of Goldsmiths College. His work is held in several collections, and he was awarded one of the prizes in John Moores Painting Prize 2014.

PV: Thursday 19th March 6-9pm
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