past exhibition | Denis ex Machina: Alex Pearl | 1 December - 22 January 2016
Denis ex Machina: Alex Pearl The Deus ex Machina was a theatrical apparatus first used by Aeschlus and Euripides. Although it has become a literary device, it originally had an entirely mechanical form.

It usually took the shape of a crane (mecane) or other mechanical device used to bring a god onto the stage.
Deployed to dig the story out of a plot hole, the machina made a conscious break in the narrative and, in order to create a god, a sort of theatrical cyborg was brought to life.

The Deus ex Machina relies upon the smooth operation of its component parts. But what happens when things break down?
For this exhibition Alex Pearl has constructed a series of strangely human machines which exist on the cusp of function and breakdown.

Alex Pearl makes mini epic films, video installations, games, photographs, objects, blogs and books.

Excerpt from Denis ex Machina