December 2016

'He was a bit of a character, very difficult to understand...I used to know Harry Mafuji, although not very well, I did show some work with him once in a Japanese restaurant in soho- I'm not sure if I…

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October 2016
In the London art fair season, does 'affordable art' have to be a dirty word?
'Affordable art' has long had negative connotations in the art world, conjuring up visions of work that is formulaic, middlebrow and unambitious, typically inhabited by cutesy animals or ingeniously f…

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June/July 2016
Fallout: interview with Phil Ashcroft
Q.Can you tell us something about your approach?

PA. I like to combine elements that can allow the work to be approached as either an abstract or figurative work, to play with scale. The use of gra…

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September 2015
A Q&A with Rae Hicks
CANAL is delighted to present a solo stand by Rae Hicks at START Art Fair at the Saatchi Gallery 10-13 September 2015

Here, Rae Hicks speaks about his work with Chris Shaw, director of Three Works,…

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June 2015
Art and comedy
After the ALT CAB archive exhibition about the 1980s alternative comedy scene back in February at the gallery, I was contacted by a couple of comedy acts who wanted to preview their fringe shows at t…

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